Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Swans, Mother Goose, Goslings on Lake Ontario ~ A Perfect Day in the Park!

These swans, mother goose and goslings were having a lovely afternoon on Lake Ontario today. I'd stopped by Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens in Port Credit (Ontario) with a friend visiting from Australia, to see if the rhodos were coming into bloom. They are, and I posted pictures on that blog (link at bottom of this page).

Three Swans A'Swimming ~ Lake Ontario, Port Credit

After admiring the rhodos, which were positively alive with busy bees delirious for their sweet, sweet pollen, we walked over the hill and down to the lake (Ontario), where a calm lake made for wonderful swan and geese pics, including this mama below, with her half-dozen goslings.

Mother (Canada) Goose with Goslings ~ Mississauga Ontario

In the pic above, you can see how clear the water is, testament to the calm weather of the past few days. The mommy goose was a lot calmer, too, as the goslings are getting bigger and must not be quite the worry for her that they were a few weeks ago.

Canada Goose and Babies ~ Swimming and Feeding

Though the mommy seemed a lot less en garde than before, her neck kept craning like a periscope, always on the look out for any threat to her babies. Satisfied there was none, she'd dip her beak into the waves and find something to nibble on.

Goslings Come Ashore to Forage for Food

After bobbing in the gentle waters for some minutes, the goose and babies came ashore to waddle across the gravelly beach. These goslings seemed not to notice me, my friends, or the two women who were dropping occasional crumbs onto the pebbles. You can see why a predator would have an easy snack of these carefree darlings!

Close Up Picture Goslings Two

The foraging goslings came up almost to my shoes, and never paid me any mind at all. Had I any bird food to offer them, I am sure they'd have eaten from my hand.

Mauve Rhodos in Bloom ~ BRG

Here is one of the pics I took before going to the lake to see the swans, and geese. The rhodos are just coming into flower, and over the coming weeks, should give a good show. No idea how long our goslings will be with us, but I intend to visit often and keep an eye on all my lovely things here in the park!

More goslings, etc here and rhodos here
and see also the Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens blog.

Update: May 14. 2009

Mother Goose, Goslings 6 at Breuckner Rhodo Gardens

Last night just as the sun was setting, around 8 p.m., I came across the mommy and her babies nibbling on the lush new grass alongside the Waterfront Trail east of the footbridge closest to the Lake. The goslings are growing so fast!