Saturday, March 07, 2009

End of Winter in Canada ~ Snow Bank Litter, Snow Melt Run Off, Swans Return, Ice Cream Store Opens for Summer Season, and Daylight Savings Time Begins

On a walk into Port Credit today, I could see signs of the end of winter in Canada. Some are pretty and some are pretty awful, and some are downright tasty! Yesterday's record high temperatures -- 18 C (64 F) have been replaced with today's 6 C (43 F) and pouring rain.

Credit River Winter in Canada Thaw Snow Melt
The blue green Credit River runs brown with the dirt and debris from the snow melt run off, but the returning swans don't seem to mind. The rising temperatures start the maple sap flowing and soon it's maple syrup time in eastern Canada.

Swans Under Lakeshore Road Bridge
There's usually some grain left out for the returning swans (and those that never left) across the Credit River from here, but passersby continue to throw stale bread into the water. Thankfully, most of it sinks before the hungry birds can eat it.

Mississauga Library's Snow Pile O'Garbage
While pristine snow looks lovely in and of itself, it also covers a multitude of litter sins, and the icy snow banks that take so long to thaw hold fast to the winter's litter. though this would appear to be a pile of dirt and litter, it is actually embedded in thick ice, and not going anywhere anytime soon.

Scoops Port Credit Ice Cream shop
I know it's spring when Scoops Ice Cream Store in Port Credit opens for the summer season. Scoops is a darling shop! A model train runs on a track that circles the ceiling, and if you ask nicely, the staff may do a demonstration run.

Another sure sign winter in Canada is almost done it that tonight, Daylight Savings Time begins. Spring forward, Everyone!