Monday, February 22, 2010

Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens Waterfront Trail Saddington Park ~ Great Walks in Port Credit

Bright sunshine, warm weather, no wind and a Sunday afternoon: If you could resist taking a walk along the Waterfront Trail in Mississauga yesterday, you're a better man than I am! 

Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens - Lake Ontario
And so it was that I headed to Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens on the Lakeshore and sauntered (yes, sauntered!) along the Waterfront Trail through the gardens and Ben Machree Park, along the lakeshore past the PetroCanada lands to Saddington Park and along to the lighthouse in Port Credit. It was a great walk, one that took me 3 hours to go a few kilometers.
Lake Ontario Ben Machree Park Mississauga 
I wasn't the only one who thought the day perfect for a walk, though. I met dozens of people walking their dog, or pushing babies in strollers (even one little girl pushing her doll in a doll stroller), daddies braced with a Starbucks coffee watching toddlers dig in the sand and throw rocks in the lake, several photographers, a slew of bird feeding types and a rollerblader bobbing and weaving around us all.
Lake Ontario Ben Machree Park - Port Credit / Mississauga
With little snow in this part of Mississauga this year, and the water level in Lake Ontario seeming especially low, I was able clamber over the breakwater in several places to beachcomb parts of the shoreline that are usually the domain of large waves. Like in the photo above: This part of the beach is usually underwater, and the back yard of several private homes.
Breakwater, Waterfront Trail at PetroCanada Lands Port Credit
 Even the Toronto skyline seemed especially clear: So close, yet thankfully, far, far away. I love the view of Toronto, especially from the waterfont in Port Credit. It makes a lovely backdrop and you miss all the traffic and noise. The ship in the picture sits offshore at the Port Credit Marina.

West Bank Credit River at Port Credit Ontario
The Waterfront Trail leaves the shores of Lake Ontario at the Credit River, and winds north along Front Street to Lakeshore Road. There's a pedestrian bridge over the Credit River; follow the path to Snug Harbour Restaurant, and walk towards the lake to get a closer look at the ship.

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I made my first attempt at a google walking map of this route:

View BRG Waterfront Trail Walking Tour in a larger map

Today the weather changed dramatically: Our first snowfall of the year! Gone the lovely sunny Sunday, and the strollers and roller bladers. Today, the weather outside looks almost exactly like it did in this video I took at Breuckner Rhododendron Gardens over a year ago. Brr-r-r-r! Glad I took yesterday afternoon off to saunter along the Lakeshore Waterfront Trail.

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