Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pink Azalea Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens

Two new things today at Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens in Mississauga (Canada) : A sign of spring and a sign for the park.

First, the sign of spring: Near the south bridge, closest to the lake, a flush of pink near the waterfront trail proved to be a pink rhododendron just starting to bloom.

Pink Rhododendron in Bud - Mississauga ON

The rhodo blossoms were just starting to open, and I had to step into the bed to see them close up. This bed gets south sun for -- gosh-- about 5 hours a day at this time of year, and will continue to get full sun until the deciduous trees leaf out and shade the rhodos  and azaleas that share this bed.

Rhododendron in Bud, and Azalea

Here's one of the rhodo bushes that shares this bed along the trail. This bed is the last one before you cross the bridge east towards Godfrey's Lane. These rhodos are very showy in mid-spring.

Late last fall, volunteer David and Gardens head gardener Para planted ferns and more in this same bed. Since the ferns have not yet sprouted new growth, I didn't want to chance trampling them.

Azalea Bush ~ Blush of Spring in Port Credit

Here's a wider shot of the azalea. It's just so nice to see this definite sign of spring, especially after yesterday's torrents of cold rain and chill winds. More rain tonight and tomorrow (I know, I know -- it's good for the rhodos!) but this coming weekend, temperatures are forecast to be in the low 20 C (70F). This should pop all manner of blossoms into view.

Forsythia is also newly bursting with yellow, and the new redbud trees -- planted last summer -- are fat with buds. As soon as they pop, I'll be there with my camera. As will dozens of others, especially on weekends. And when the flowers come, the wedding parties are sure to follow.

Brueckner Rhodo Gardens new sign

And, now, at either entrance to the park , the new signs are up, freshly painted and with a third plank to reflecting the addition of the name 'Brueckner' in front of the city park name. For background on why the City of Mississauga is recognizing the late Dr. Brueckner, see this blog post.