Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Osmow's :: Best Shawarma in Mississauga

Here's one of the best spots to get shawarmas in -- well, probably in the world. This is Osmow's, located just south of Thomas Street on Queen Street (Mississauga Road becomes Queen Street in Streetsville). Turn down the side street and park in the back, then enter through the back door or walk around the front.

The smallish interior was fully and very smartly renovated in January and February 2007. You can eat at the counter or at one of several small tables. At first, we'd usually stand and shuffle for 20 minutes or so with all the others who are getting take out, but then we got smart and called our order in ahead of time. The shawarmas are beautifully crisp on the outside and drippily sauced on the inside, and make the best fast food dinner or late night snack. And all this for a flat $5 each. Bargain!

When we lived in Streetsville, it took us 15 minutes to walk to Osmow's. From here in Port Credit, it takes 20 minutes to drive up Mississauga Road, so it's been a few months since I've had my fix.

The address is 251 Queen Street -- but just look for Thomas, then park and walk. And if you're in a hurry, phone ahead : 905-826-6021

Update September 2008
Just brought home a shawarma - we forgot to phone ahead, and so had a long wait on a Sunday afternoon.

Not as good as in the past; the double wrap pita now carries a 50 cent fee (not a deal breaker - prices have risen generally everywhere) but the shawarma sandwiches proved NOT to have double wrapping. We even asked and inspected before leaving the restaurant.

The wrapping now is wax paper only - not foil, which keeps the shawarma hot for the 20 minute drive home. Would have paid more for foil as cold shawarma not as tasty as fresh baked, and sauces leak through wax paper.

And finally, it really concerns me when staff go from handling money, telephones, computer and boxes and bowls to handling food without first (at least) rinsing their hands. As well, the cooks tended to do same - handling common elements then using their hands instead of tongs to add various toppings.

Could be an unusually busy day, but will keep an eye out for this to become a pattern. Let me know what you find if you go.

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