Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Business of Travel Writing

Seems I am busy right now being a tourist in my own land, with a story due NOW on Toronto, so time is short. And, it seems, it's finally warm here, so a bit of long-overdue spring fever is kicking in.

Though I've lived on the periphery of one of Canada's largest cities (it might well be *the* largest but I am too tired to fact check right now) for a long, long time, in researching this story, I have learned so much that I am eager for someone to visit so that I have a good excuse to take a few days off and go explore.

There are free guided walks that sound so cool, and great restaurants, and markets -- I can literally 'travel the world' without a passport, with no jet lag or language problems, or any of the other challenges of foreign travel.

But having said that, I am thinking about where I want to go next. I had thought the Atacama, Uruguay and Buenos Aires would do for November, but now I am not sure. Iceland for sure, but not this year. Too soon to go back to Malaysia. So now what?

Going to ponder while I watch American Idol. I May as well join another million or so who are doing the same.