Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Going to Hong Kong? Bonus Deal!

If you are thinking of going to Hong Kong this fall, check Cathay Pacific's web site for good fares (it's one of the best airline sites I've used) for special bonus air miles. (Bonuses and dates vary by country; choose your country and language).

I won't be going to Asia as I was there in April (see my blog in April from Hong Kong).

October 1 is the National Day holiday in China, and the Mid Autumn Festival 2006 is October 5. This means much of China will be heavily traveled over this week, so plan your trip around these dates if possible. I was there twice during these holidays, and the airports and hotels are jammed.

Lord Simcoe postscript

To anyone looking for Lord Simcoe information, I do apologize for mentioning only that our August holiday Monday is named in his honor, but not why.

Lord Simcoe is credited with initiating road building, including the 'longest street in the world' -- Toronto's Yonge Street -- and setting in motion an act to effectively abolish slavery in Canada. That he also "served briefly as governor of St. Domingo (now Haiti)" I did not know until today.

Cheers! Karen