Friday, August 04, 2006

Caribana Weekend In Toronto!

Midsummer in Toronto, the August long weekend, when those who have cottages on a lake (or know someone who does) are heading out of town. Each province in Canada celebrates the weekend, but with a different theme or reason. Here in Ontario, it's Lord Simcoe Day, though if you offered a dollar to everyone who knew who Lord Simcoe was, you'd not break the bank.

But as the natives are heading for the hills, so to speak, they're being replaced just as fast by hordes of visitors from other parts of Canada, and many more from the USA. They're all descending on the city for three days of Caribana, the largest Caribbean festival in North America (if not the world!). The big parade is Saturday (tomorrow). It's so big, it takes all day to watch it pass.

The music is the thing, and the costumes! And the partying! I found some photos of the costumes etc. online at Caribbean African TV if you want to have a look.

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