Friday, August 04, 2006

How I Got Googled by my Pantihose!

I had a visitor to my site, a visitor who had googled for -- Jurassic park cane replica -- (the -- are mine, just to show the phrase they used). There were no " (quote marks). And my site shows as No 4, at least in the google datacenter they accessed.

They were shown the link for a page for my story of Far North Queensland (Australia). Sure enough, I do mention 'cane' but in the context of 'cane toads' (vile invaders to Australia). And shortly thereafter make a reference to Jurassic Park (talking about cassowaries - other vile creatures but that's my personal take on them) and a replica of a crocodile.

This same story generates hits on google when someone searches for pantihose. Just the one word. Not sure why so many people search for pantihose, though. Don't want to speculate either. That's their business. I am glad my site doesn't come up till the 6th or 7th page of results, as the first 5 pages are pretty weird sites.

Ditto for the words: dominican republic escorts

Sometimes I feel like a closet pornographer.

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BuildAWebsiteTonight said...

Dear Closet Pornographer, haha!

Isn't it fascinating what people search for - totally unrelated to our websites - and when they do visit us, they choose to stay for a while?

I love it!


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