Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Port Credit Crooked Cue and Harp Pub

The Port Credit area of Mississauga (Ontario, Canada) has dozens of restaurants and a more than a few pubs, prompting one resident to label it: 'Port Credit - The Drinking Village with a Sailing Problem!'

The Crooked Cue (picture below) illustrates both sides of Port Credit -- a popular restaurant sports bar combo on Lakeshore Road, just steps from the marina on the Credit River and the Lighthouse.
We went to The Crooked Cue for a birthday dinner pub crawl one Saturday night. I, for one, was pleasantly surprised by the good food and lively, 'normal' atmosphere -- meaning it wasn't an Athletic-Supporter-Only club. Though there are several pool tables and a number of well-placed large screen televisions tuned to sports channels, they don't dominate the restaurant, and there's a good mix of clientele. Oddly enough, I'd not before been tempted inside, being slightly put off by the name: I imagined I'd find a rough crowd of large men swilling beer and shooting pool. (Turns out they're not all large, and didn't look rough!) The Crooked Cue is a lot more upscale than my imagination led me to believe.

And for those of you looking for a Sunday Brunch, The Crooked Cue sign advertises brunch every day of the week, so go nuts!.

Almost next door to The Crooked Cue is The Harp Restaurant and Pub, another popular spot to meet friends or drop by and see who's around. The Harp, I confess, I've been to several (ahem) times, as I am addicted to the grilled chicken wings they serve. Oh, the beer is good, too!

Update May 16, 2008
Here's a newer picture of the Harp. Next door is River Coyote, an art gallery.

Port Credit really comes into its own in the summertime, so plan now to come out for the 2008 edition of the Waterfront Festival. This year, it kicks off on Friday the thirteenth and goes until Sunday afternoon / early evening. All the action is a short walk from the Port Credit GO station, so you don't even have to drive from Toronto.