Thursday, March 29, 2007

How do I pack a suitcase for a trip ?

I'm asked this question with perplexing regularity. I say perplexing, since I don't know how to answer it. And I am supposed to be the Travel Lady!

The short but admittedly flippant answer is: Get a suitcase, get your stuff, put your stuff into the suitcase, then close it.

Perhaps they want to know specifically how to fold clothes and place them in a suitcase. That depends on how fussy they are about getting wrinkles in their clothes, which items of clothing they are taking, and the size of the suitcase.

I've written at some length (see What to Pack and related pages) about the optimum number of clothing items needed, recommended fabrics, luggage styles and much else, and discussed how travelers tend to pack too much stuff and why (see June 27 2006 post).

So when I was asked today 'What do I pack for a trip to China?' ** I was again perplexed as to how to answer it. Where in China? Northerly Beijing or Hainan in the south? What time of year? What type of trip - business or personal? Are you planning to trek in the mountains or tour around Hong Kong?

I guess the only answer is there are no easy answers to 'What should I pack and how should I pack it?'. I wish there were. I love to help other travelers. That's why I started this blog and my websites: To share information with other travelers.

** February 2008 :: New page on the web site for How to pack for a trip to China.