Sunday, August 22, 2010

Port Credit Buskerfest 5 Mississauga Ready for Rain, Hoping for Sun : Come on down and join the fun!

August 2011 Update: Buskerfest 6 is set for August 19, 20, 21 -- Friday night starting at 7 pm, Saturday from 1 pm, and Sunday from 1 pm. Same locations in downtown Port Credit, with some favorite buskers and some new acts, too!

Buskerfest 5 was off to a good start on Friday night, and for most of Saturday, the rain did indeed stay away. At least until 9 p.m. or so, when torrential downpours sent crowds and buskers alike scurrying for cover or home, and event organizers called the 'game' on account of rain.

Today, Sunday noon, Buskerfest is setting up for the final day of street theater, with an eye on the skies, and ready to adapt as the weather dictates.

"We are setting up as usual, and will monitor the situation and make changes as needed," says Ellen Timms, Port Credit BIA. "We're ready with rain ponchos."

Victor Rubilar at Lake Affect  Port Street East Pitch Port Credit

Victor Rubilar (Argentinian based in Sweden) had the crowd in the palm of his hands with his risque comedy patter and dance routine. Then he brings out his footballs (soccer balls to North Americans) and they go wild! Street Performer master!

Marina Pitch Buskerfest - Information Tent Port Credit

Need information or a schedule of performers? Then look for these neon green Tshirts: the person wearing one is a volunteer who's ready to tell you what you need to know.

Dangerous Comedy Busker - Marina Pitch Port Credit

David Cox, New York City, seen in this picture sans pants, performed his dangerous comedy routines at Marina Pitch. I took a video of him putting on his pants both legs at once. He's likely one of the few people who can say, "Let me jump into a pair of pants and I'll be there," and it's NOT a figure of speech.

Farrucas Latin Music ~ Mississauga Buskerfest Performers

The romance of Latin guitars from this talented duo from Ontario, Canada: Laura Spade and Jorge Cuamacas performing along the Marina. You don't need to understand Spanish to be charmed by the songs.

Lurk, the Stilt Walker Performing Port Credit Village Square

Lurk, AKA Martin Ewen, from Hawaii, enthralling the crowds outside Ten Restaurant at Village Square. This pitch is one of the most visible to traffic along Lakeshore and Hurontario, a major intersection in Mississauga that doesn't normally come with a very tall red guy.

Now here's something a bit different: Lurk is wearing a video camera in his hat, leaving his hotel room in Port Credit. See his video here on YouTube.

Busker Academy ~ Memorial Park Port Credit Mississauga

Busker Academy opened its doors for the first time, and judging by the delighted kids and parents who learned to face paint, make balloon animals and other busker tricks, it's a huge success. Busker Academy had a very short term -- Saturday afternoon only -- and ended with a course in How To Walk On Stilts, which has to be the winner of Cutest Thing Ever award. I'll post the video link ASAP :-)

Xtreme Finale Buskerfest 5 Memorial Park Port Credit

Here's the sign for the finale to the show, Sunday, at 6:45 p.m. The Xtreme Finale is the Buskerfest equivalent of the 'Fat Lady Singing': Buskerfest officially ends around 7 o'clock tonight.

And as I post this, the skies are brighter! Come on down to Port Credit, bring an umbrella or a rain poncho and have a laugh! See previous post for location map and links.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Buskerfest Port Credit Mississauga ~ Call for Volunteers, Call for Fun! Get Involved, and Come on Down!

Update: Pictures, etc August 22, 2010 this post

What is a Busker Festival?

Buskers are gutsy street performers. It's theatre in the street, comedians, contortionists, magicians and mimes, sword-swallowers and human statues. It's jugglers, escape artists and acrobats. Each performer tries to out performs the others, all for a toss of a coin in the hat.

Buskerfest Sign Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens ~ Lakeshore Road West

The Buskerfest 5 (the fifth annual festival) signs are up on Lakeshore Road West at the BRG west of Port Credit Village.  The Buskerfest dates are:
  • Friday, August 20 from 7 p.m to 11 p.m.
  • Saturday, August 21  from 1 p.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Sunday, August 22 from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Buskerfest 5 Map of Performing Areas Port Credit Mississauga
There are 6 main performance areas (above). Here's a list of who is where, and the sponsors who make it possible:
Number 1 (3 Stages,) Port Credit Memorial Park; sponsored by Peel Chrysler and Xtreme Tire Garage featuring the Fire Shows on Friday and Saturday night plus the Xtreme Finale on Sunday at 6:45 p.m., a charity show with all proceeds going to Options Mississauga, and Busker Academy, a new component sponsored by LaVilla Fine Foods featuring hourly workshops beginning at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Learn how to juggle, do magic, walk on stilts, make balloon animals, creative clown face and more.

Number 2 Credit Village Marina;  sponsored by the Paint the Town Red Committee (Canada Day Committee).

Number 3 Port Credit Harbour Marina; sponsored by Lake Affect Bar and Grill.

Number 4 Elizabeth St. South (No Frills); sponsored by Carmen Corbasson, Mississauga Ward One Councillor.

Number 5 Helene St. North sponsored by Pizza Pizza.

Number 6 Port Credit Village Square ( at TEN Restaurant, Hurontario and Lakeshore Rd East), sponsored by Charles Sousa, MPP, featuring buskers and vendors.

Not Just on the Stages:
Almost every Busker rotates through the pitches (stage areas) so that each area has a nice variety of performers. In addition to the Busker Pitches, roaming performers will be visiting the shops all along the Lakeshore providing entertainment and fun for customers.

An early morning Busker Show will be featured at the Farmers Market (Lakeshore Road East of Hurontario) on Saturday morning, and buskers will also be roaming Lakeshore Road east of Hurontario throughout the Fest.

Please remember that this schedule may change without notice at any time. It’s Buskerfest!

Street Closures for Buskerfest:
Only two minor road closures over this festival weekend: Elizabeth Street South (No Frills) and Helene Street North.

From Brenda at Buskerfest 5:

"Our volunteers get more than just the opportunity to help out with an exciting event. They become a part of one of the most vibrant social communities in Ontario. It’s great fun!

"We need volunteers age 16 and over for Buskerfest 5 to work as Information representatives at each Busker site. We also need people to help with the set-up and tear-down, and for security and hospitality. There are great shifts, cool T-shirt, and interesting people to work with.

"Most volunteers act as' information booths': You get to sit in the tents and answer questions, and in effect, get priority seating for Buskerfest."

To find out more or to volunteer, come to the Orientation meeting on Tuesday, August 17th at 7 p.m. at the Port Credit Legion (googlemap) or email for more information, or to sign up if you cannot make the meeting.

You don't have to live in Port Credit to volunteer. Come out and meet other Mississaugans! It's more fun when you're involved.

Buskerfest Pictures from previous festivals.
Buskerfest scheduled Buskers

Saturday August 21 2010 : Update

Great time had by all on Friday night! To get a fairly up to date schedule, stop at the Buskerfest tents at the main locations on the map. There's a handout from the Port Credit Village Times that shows the performances, though no map is included.

If you have a copy from this paper delivered to many Mississauga homes this week, be aware that two of the stages/ pitches were inadvertently omitted in the printing process.

If you are not familiar with Port Credit, you may want to print out the location map (above) and bring it with you. In any event, it's not hard to orient yourself once you are on Lakeshore.

Today's events start at one o'clock and run until 11 tonight, with the big Fire Extravaganza set for 10:30 p.m. at Memorial Park, east side of the Credit River, across from Lighthouse.

See you there!