Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Cathay Pacific Airliner Retrofitting Starts in January 2007

Cathay Pacifc is one of my favorite airlines. I love the planes, the service and the food. I love the in-seat television screens. And starting in January 2007, the seats across all classes -- First (and my first choice, should I ever come into a lot of $$$), Business and Economy are being redone. First Class seating becomes more like a private suite (Bliss on a long haul!) with a seat/bed that is the largest in the industry, Business gets a larger seat that also becomes a fully reclining bed, and even Economy (where you'll find me, if you're looking) is being completely changed.

The new Economy seat reclines on the spot, without smacking into the lap of the person seated behind you. Or when the guy in front does the same, you won't get pinnned in your seat by your dinner tray up against your rib cage . A lot of fixtures and fittings will be done away with, and each seat gets a bigger personal television.

Retrofitting for all of Cathay's medium and long-haul planes should be completed by mid 2009. If you are traveling in the interim, try for the new ones. But even the current ones are pretty darn comfy.