Friday, June 11, 2010

Boating Mississauga ~ Port Credit Harbour Lake Ontario Mississauga

Kayaks, tankers, sailboats, Coast Guard vessel, Zodiak, Dragon Boat and a helicopter: The view at the mouth of the Credit River at Lake Ontario at Port Credit is an ever-changing panorama, as varied as the types of watercraft!

Here are my pictures taken over the course of one day. [Click to enlarge; Back to return]

Credit River Meets Lake Ontario in Port Credit
The view from the west: Boats docked at the Port Credit Harbour Marina, the breakwater tanker Ridgetown, a dragon boat and sailboats on Lake Ontario.  You can see by the list of the sailboats that a brisk wind was blowing this afternoon.

Dragon Boat ~ Ridgetown Tanker ~ Sailboats Lake Ontario
The Laker Ridgetown, built by Chicago Shipbuilding, was sunk as breakwater at Port Credit June 21, 1974 [date not confirmed]. The dragon boats paddle out of the Mississauga Canoe Club, which is hosting the 7th Annual Mississauga Dragon Boat Festival this Sunday, June 13 right here at the mouth of the Credit River in Port Credit.

Port Credit Harbour Marina ~ Boating in Mississauga Ontario
 There are two marinas in Port Credit, located at the mouth of the Credit River. The Port Credit Harbour Marina is at 1 Port St. East, south of the Waterside Inn; the Credit Village Marina at 12 Stavebank Rd. South, between the lighthouse and Snug Harbour restaurant, is operated by the City of Mississauga.

Canadian Coast Guard Vessel Caribou Isle
The CCGS Caribou Isle was in the harbour, and patrolling along the waterfront at Saddington Park (map, trail this post).

Peel Regional Police Zodiak off Saddington Park Mississauga Ontario
The Peel Police Marine Unit patrols Lake Ontario between Marie Curtis Park (Etobicoke Creek) to the east and Joshua Creek on the west. The larger ship was also in the harbour area this day, but I didn't get the photo.

Kayaker ? No. Outrigger Canoe * on Credit River Mississauga Ontario
I find the best time to see kayaks on the Credit River and along Saddington Park is early morning, just around sunrise. This morning, four kayaks headed down river and out into Lake Ontario. Late afternoon into early evening also is prime kayak watching time.* See comment from the 'man in the picture'.

Tanker Lake Ontario Clarkson (Mississauga) Refinery
Large vessels, be they lakers or tankers or whatever, can be seen farther out into Lake Ontario. This larger ship was docking offshore near the Clarkson Petro Canada Lubricants refinery. 

Helicopter Off Saddington Park Port Credit Ontario
 As I was taking a picture of one of the boats in the Harbour, I heard the sound of this helicopter overhead and behind me: I turned and snapped fast - and am so happy that the picture turned out.

Here are web pages for some of the boats mentioned in this post:
  • Credit Village Marina
  • Port Credit Harbour Marina
  • CCGS Caribou Isle
  • Peel Regional Police Marine Unit
If you're in the area in August 27-29, plan to take in the 20th anniversary Port Credit In-Water Boat Show


Sheila and Keith said...

Nice new format, suits your beautiful water and blue skies!
What a view !

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen;
I'm the paddler in your shot under the "kayaker" heading. It's actually an outrigger canoe and we are all (kakayers, canoers and outrigger paddlers) easily identifiable to each other by the make, shape and colours of our boats.
It was fun to find this. I don't often see photos of myself, especially from this perspective!

Karen said...

Cheers, Anon!
Wish I had the smarts to be a real boat person - thanks for taking the time to help educate me.

I love watching all the water craft and most of the time given the distance I view them from, I find it hard to make out exactly what I am looking at.

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