Monday, October 02, 2006

Dim Sum in Mississauga at the Chinese Centre

August 2010: Sun Sun Dim Sum Restaurant is now Royal Dragon Chinese Restaurant.
Details at Dim Sum Mississauga page on my travel site.

On Sunday, October 1, my daughter Jen treated me to Dim Sum at the Sun Sun Chinese Restaurant, which is located in the Mississauga Chinese Centre. (This photo is of the buddha in the main courtyard area there, in Mississauga, Canada). 

 We'd been here before, a few months back, in May when I had just returned from Hong Kong and was missing it already.

Then, though, we ordered from the regular menu, as you can, at anytime. But on Sunday's this place ROCKS for dim sum choices and freshness.

When we got there around 2 p.m., we had to wait about 15 minutes. Larger groups naturally get first seating, and couples might wait a bit longer. We didn't mind, as we watched how some of our favorites were made. 

There's one dish that's made from a slice (about one quarter) of green pepper (capsicum, to you Aussies) and filled with a shrimp mixture.

We couldn't figure out how they got the shrimp to adhere to the raw pepper slice, but did discover that it's grilled, not deep fried, first one side, then flipped like a pancake, but gently. 

And who knew I loved congee? Not me, until a few months ago. When I think of all the times I could have eaten congee in China, I could kick myself. 

At the Sun Sun, the congee is lightly salted, not fishy tasting or smelling, and has bits of boneless chicken, a few small mushrooms and topped with sliced green onions, toasted peanuts and white pepper. 

Oh! It is so good! And one serving is enough for two people, easily. I must learn to make this at home. But it is so inexpensive to buy and take home (even at Tremendous, another great Mississauga Chinese restaurant, it's only $1.50 Canadian per large container!) 

We filled up on various shrimp and rice paper dumplings, braised beef in sauce and pork dumplings. Most of the time, you select your food by pointing, nodding or shaking your head. The staff, bless them, know enough of Canadian body language to understand when we mean yes or no. 

You will order too much food, so go to the cashier desk and ask for take-out containers. Guess what I am having for supper tonight? You got it! Leftover dim sum!

And while that would make a Cantonese cringe, I think it's ambrosia!

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Karen said...

Today, a Sunday, we went here for dim sum only to find a handwritten sign on the door, saying CLOSED.

No clue if just for the day, or for good, or what.

I will call the restaurant tomorrow to see what is going on.

[no wonder the parking area at rear was almost empty! ]

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