Thursday, December 31, 2009

No Fireworks in Mississauga New Year's Eve But Mayor's Levee New Year's Day

New Year's Eve 2013 Fireworks City Hall Celebration Square Details City Mississauga (weather permitting and it looks like it will!)

December 2009: Don't expect fireworks in Mississauga on New Year's Eve. In these parts, fireworks generally take place during the warmer months, like in Port Credit on Canada Day (July 1).

But Mississauga has a long tradition of marking New Year's Day, with the annual Mayor's Levee at City Hall from 2-4 p.m. And the Mayor's levee is the place to be if you'd like to wish the Mayor, assorted councillors and city staff and residents a Happy New Year.

Mississauga Civic Centre -- City Hall
Mississauga Civic Centre, location of the New Year's Day levee, is the obelisk shape (thin pointy thing) being dwarfed by new condos in the picture above. I took this photo from Port Credit. Note the lack of snow this year (so far, anyhow, though as I write this, flurries are forecast). Last year, it was minus 30 wind chill and heavy snow cover.

I've attended the Mayor's levee in years past, including January 1, 2009. As this annual celebration becomes ever more popular, with more and more Mississauga residents turning out, the main level at City Hall becomes more and more crowded.

Mayor McCallion ~ Mississauga Mayor's Levee

In years past, the receiving line was set up on the main level; last year, the Mayor and councillors receiving line was on the second level.

The main level at City Hall becomes a stage for community performers -- dancers, singers, choirs -- who showcase Missisissaugans' range of talents and cultural groups.

To escape the crowded first level, we took the stairs to the second level, where we could look over the balcony to see the entertainment below.

As you go along the receiving line to chat with Mayor McCallion and the councillors, it leads to a reception area, with staff serving up hot chocolate, coffee and sweets.

All of this is 'free', courtesy of Mississauga taxpayers, and I for one do not begrudge this use of tax dollars. This personal touch goes a long way to welcoming Mississauga's newcomers as well as visitors from other countries.

It's fun to stop and eavesdrop on receiving line conversations and realize where the people are visiting or emigrated from. Mayor McCallion and the Mayor's Levee are also a dependable media photo op, so keep an eye out for film crews and photographers.

Missisisauga Mayor's Levee (2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.)
Mississauga Civic Centre
300 City Centre Drive (googlemap)

Parking is available around City Hall, as well as at Square One Shopping Centre.

Mississauga Transit is free on New Year's Eve from 7:00 p.m. to 4 a.m. only - regular fares apply outside those hours. Check Schedule here.

GO Transit trains and buses free New Year's Eve from 7 p.m. to last  train/bus of the day about 1:00 a.m. Union See GO Schedule Here.

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