Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Colours Mississauga - Port Credit, PetroCanada lot, BRG Rhododendron Gardens, Mallards

Such a sunny Sunday in Mississauga! Maybe the last chance to take in the Fall colours this year. I took my camera with me when I walked up to the grocery store near the Imperial Oil lands  on Lakeshore Road West in Port Credit. But first, I took a quick walk through Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens and happened upon a mallard couple in Tecumseh Creek.

Maple Trees on Maple Street at Lakeshore Road West

Walking on the north side of Lakeshore Road, I could see south down Maple Street. Good name - the maple trees were absolutely stunning!

Fall Colours PetroCanada Lakeshore

The land at the Imperial Oil Lands still contaminated, I understand, though the site has been mothballed for many years.  [Update 2016: Lands tested and up is for sale. See City Mississsauga.]

What to do with such a pretty location, bounded by Mississauga Road, Pine Street, Lakeshore Road West and Lake Ontario (Waterfront Trail)? Has to be non-residential, concrete slab construction. See googlemap.

Maple Tree PetroCan Port Credit

Closer look at one of the stunning trees in its fall colours. We are lucky to be in Mississauga - don't have far to go to see these gorgeous colours!

Close Up Golden Foliage Lakeshore Road West

A closer look at the foliage: Colours show up best on sunny days, though this wonderful yellow-orange brightens even a cloudy day.

Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens

I walked through the gardens (BRG) to see if the wind and rain storm on Friday had caused any damage. A few branches were down, and some of the leaves, but the colours are just starting to get pretty in Port Credit.

BRG Fall Colours 

And one more picture of a picture-perfect scene. Sorry, can't resist! Now on to the mallards!

Mallards Tecumseh Creek BRG

I was crosssing the middle bridge at the BRG when I happened to see this mallard couple floating between creek and reflection. I'd already put my camera away, but I couldn't resist this pretty shot.

Close Up Mallard - Tecumseh Creek Port Credit

I zoomed in a bit closer, and IMHO, the mallards hardly look real, they are so still, the creek barely ripples, and the foliage is reflected in the water, like a tabletop.

As long as the weather stays nice and sunny, the foliage will keep changing down here in Port Credit. This has been one of the best falls for great colours. The past two or three years, storms kept skies dark and gloomy, and high winds knocked the leaves off the trees before they could change. This year, everyone is getting a chance to walk through the parks. And even if you don't, you can see wonderful fall foliage colours on a walk to the grocery store.

More Fall Colors at 16 MIle Creek Oakville, and at Bradley Museum, Mississauga
More Mallards at Mallards, condo views

For Brueckner Rhodo Gardens, see BRG Blog.

Streetsville Fall Colours Mississauga Road

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