Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mallards, Condo Views, and Mississauga Lakeshore

(NB: If you came here looking for Lakeshore Mississauga Port Credit Canada Day fireworks and party etc. the info is posted HERE!!!.)

Today's blog is a photo blog with some Mississauga pictures I took last week. (I'm in the middle of moving my photo site to a CMS system, so I am tied up with that) I hope these will suffice. More travel news coming soon!

This first picture below is of two mallards swimming alongside the pier at Snug Harbour (the popular restaurant near the lighthouse -- I voted for their chef's entry in last weekend's fundraiser chili contest -- great chili!) The water on the marina side (not the Credit river side) was so clear, I couldn't believe it!

Just behind Ten Restaurant in Port Credit, there's a block of really nice looking terraced condos. I took this photo from the east patio entrance looking south towards Lake Ontario.

Go to the end of the sidewalk in the above photo, and you come to the seawalk. This is the view looking east to Toronto. This spot always catches the cool lake breezes -- feels like the AC is on.

The photo below is from the same location as above, just looking more to the north and closer to the water.

I just loved the colors of the goldenrod and the purple loosestrife growing in the stones along the Snug Harbour pier (near the mallards in the top photo.)

West from the Credit River mouth / harbour area along the lake, the latest bloom of algae to come ashore was vivid green. A few days later, on the weekend when a group of us were cleaning up litter and stuff from Rhododendron Park, the algae was yucky brown, and smelling much like compost. Also notable were the mounds -- literally 18 inches high and 3-4 feet across in places -- of what I was told were zebra mussel shells. The shells were white and translucent, and empty of actual mussels.

So that's it for today. My tech support in Australia is awake soon, so we can get working on getting the photos to appear on my photo site. Ah, the irony. I can only imagine the disappointment and perplexity of someone surfing images today, and clicking on one for my site, then coming to the site and finding little boxes of text saying what is in the picture. Irony reigns!


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Thanks, Paula!

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