Friday, August 03, 2007

Dim Sum at Sun Sun in Mississauga, Canada

As promised, here are the photos from our dim sum earlier this week. While there are a number of places in Mississauga offering dim sum, some of them only serve it on weekends.

We always go to Sun Sun in the Mississauga Chinese Centre as here it is served every day, and we really like their food. On the weekends, they offer a greater variety of dishes, but, even on weekdays, there's enough to keep us happy.

Sun Sun Chinese Restaurant Mississauga

Here's the notice in the Sun Sun entrance with hours and specials.

We often get a large, plain congee (rice soup) to take home, and while it is usually very good, one busy weekend, it seemed 'thin'.

Tea, Bok choy, Dumplings at Sun Sun

Here's the picture of the first few items from the first few carts. After that, we were too busy enjoying our meal to take photos.

The steamer near the chopsticks holds 'pork shu mai' (though I don't know how to spell it correctly). These we get whenever offered. Clockwise, the green is steamed baby bok choy.

The small brown rolls (about the size of cabbage rolls) we hoped contained bean curd, but found they were filled with seasoned pork. In any case, they were delicious.

The white dumplings are shrimp and chives in rice wrappers. These, too, are a great favourite. A small cup of piping hot green tea completes the photo.

The Sun Sun servers speak English with varying degrees of success, and may not always understand what you are asking, so a little body language will go a long way.

And you don't have to order dim sum -- you can always order from the menu, though on weekends when there's a line up at the door and the kitchen is pretty busy, it might be better not to.

For dessert, we ordered one bowl of bean curd (tofu) steeped in a simple sugar. Light, gelatinous and fairly bland, it is not one of my favourites (I prefer mango custard), but it was a fine end to the meal.

(I posted about this dim sum last fall; see earlier post)

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Karen said...

As of February 2012, this restaurant is currently closed.

Mall management advise a new restaurant is slated to open on these premises, but no other details are available, nor is any date given other than 'it won't be soon'.

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