Friday, July 13, 2007

Waterfront Trail in Mississauga :: Lakeview and Port Credit

Update July 2008 more pictures Waterfront Trail Mississauga- Port Credit.

The other night, my friend Megan (
see June 27 post and photos) and I went for a walk along the Waterfront Trail section east of the Credit River. This was in the midst of a heat wave, and over by the gazebo (in the middle of the photo), the breeze off Lake Ontario felt like air conditioning on full blast! It was a slice of heaven!

After each of us slurping down a fast-melting ice cream in a waffle cone, we drove a few blocks eastward, to Lakefront Promenade, then headed into the park and marina area. The most dramatic view of what's left of the Lakeview Generating Station (that was blown up last week) are from the street where there is no parking or place to stop and take photos. From that angle, the various 'layers' of the implosion run in a row, all neat and tidy.

Though it was getting dark, we climbed the hill just across from the rubble, and got this end shot. It seems so strange to have this 'mountain' where none existed.
The haze whited out the definition, but you get the idea.

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