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The Next Eco-Warriors Book Launch, Toronto Ontario

Environmental activism book launch at Revival, Toronto Ontario

In The Next Eco-Warriors, Emily Hunter, a young Canadian freelance eco-journalist and environmental activist, edits the stories (including her own) of 22 young men and women and their efforts to save the planet. These young people are just a few of the current generation of eco-warriors; passionate, committed, articulate, inspiring. Six of them were featured speakers at the book launch party at Revival in Toronto on May 6.

Revival on College, Toronto Ontario
The Next Eco-Warriors made its formal debut at a book launch the evening of May 6, 2011, at Revival on College, in Toronto, Ontario, with about a hundred guests turning out to listen to six of the contributing activists talk about what led them to do what they do.

The Next Eco-Warriors Book display at Launch Party, Revival
Music by Late July kicked off the launch pre-speakers, while guests snacked on vegetarian and vegan fare and mingled with the eco-warriors.

Derek Forgie, Stand-up, MTV Canada
Derek Forgie set the emcee' bar high with a great rant on bottled water and why to not / stop using it. Of course, he's right, and, feeling guilty, I kept my newly-purchased bottle of water in my bag. I still have it and intend to re-use it several times. See his site at

Emily Hunter speaks at book launch Toronto
Emily Hunter first crossed my radar when I saw her MTV video report on the G20 in Toronto last June, and I've been a fan ever since. Finally, someone who knows the issues, is on the street AND can accurately report what's going on.

Emily Hunter at Revival Toronto
Emily Hunter is the daughter of Bobbi and Robert Hunter, a co-founder of Greenpeace who coined the word 'eco-warrior' and was a driving force behind environmental activism. That she has big boots to fill goes without saying; that she is well and truly filling them is obvious to all whose paths she crosses.

Ben Powless ~ one of 'The Next Eco-Warriors'
Ben Powless, another young Canadian, is a Mohawk activist who works with Defenders of the Land. Ben spoke about his experiences in Peru; in the book, look for A Peruvian Massacre.

Rob Stewart Sharkwater at Next Eco-Warriors book launch
Rob Stewart spoke about the filming of Sharkwater, his documentary film that has been and continues to be instrumental in changing perceptions about sharks, and changing laws about shark fishing and shark finning around the world. So far, Sharkwater has won 35 awards. If you haven't seen it, do so as soon as possible. Look for Stewart's next film, Rise Again, to premiere this September.

The Next Eco-Warriors books, T-shirts and more at book launch
At the book launch, David Nickarz, an activist with Sea Shepherd, spoke about his battle with cancer and the pesticide issues that may have been a contributing cause. His story appears in the book as Toxic City: A Cancer Survivor's Struggle.

Jo-Anne McArthur spoke about her work as an animal rights photographer; see Through the Lens of Compassion: Capturing an End to Bullfighting.

Joshua Kahn Russell spoke about his work with the Ruckus Society as a non-violent direct action trainer.  See We Shut Them Down: Ending Coal at the Capitol Power Plant.

Get more info and see pictures of all 22 Eco-Warriors at

Get the book ~ Get the movie ~ Get the poster ~ Get involved!

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