Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition Nathan Phillips Square

Sunday was the final day for the Toronto Outdoor Art show at Nathan Phillips Square. Here are some pictures I took of works by a few of the many talented artists and potters. I gave up taking photos as there were just too many to contemplate. Also showing were a number of jewelery designers and goldsmiths. Such lovely work, and since I am a sucker for shiny objects, I was in my glory.

Artist Tents at Reflecting Pool Nathan Phillips Square

The pool and tents set the mood while I had a very decent biriyani bought at a stall from one of the new ethnic food street vendors in this area. Not fine dining, exactly, but very tasty none the less.

Tents Nathan Phillips - Old City Hall Toronto

A closer look at the artist tents back dropped by Old City Hall, Toronto.

Emily Bicknell - Wave Paintings

Love at first sight (and second, and ongoing!) between me and these Emily Bickell paintings! She captures waves and I love waves. When I can (or feel free to get one for me), I want her to do a series of 5 narrow and taller ones for my living room.

Emily Bickell Paintings Closer View

I checked her website when I got home, and see she does way more than waves. How exciting to find a new-to-you artist whose work you love!

Trevor Craig McDonnell

Just as captivating in a different way, the art of Trevor Craig McDonnell. Really like these, too. Would help him SE optimize his website for any one of his 'speedscapes' :-)

Deborah Freeman Ceramic Vessels

Sheridan grad, I believe, Deborah Freeman does some really beautiful ceramics.

David Brown Encaustic Collage

Hadn't heard the term 'encaustic' before now, but David Brown explains on his site. As with McDonnell, would trade SEO for paiintings :-)

Chari Cohen Ceramics

Another talented potter (and Sheridan grad) whose work I found fascinating. Cohen is originally from Alberta. I wondered aloud if her gorgeous white birch bark pieces were made by pouring clay onto actual birch bark. "If it were as simple as that," she said with a smile, "everyone would be doing it." See her website here.

The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition program lists the dates for next year's show: July 9, 10, 11, 2010. Artists applications available mid-December, 2009, with submissions due by March 1, 2010.

Before our visit to the Art Show, we took a tour of rooms at the Cosmo Hotel a few blocks from here. See Cosmo penthouse pictures.

Update July 18/09
Port Credit Outdoor Art Show pictures, etc.

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Ellen said...

Port Credit Outdoor Art Show this weekend - July 17-19.

Artists from all over Southern Ontario will be flocking to Port Credit to showcase a wide variety of media in the beautiful waterfront setting of Credit Village Marina. The art show, now in its 11th year is expanding to include gallery exhibits, workshops and live art demonstrations in the local galleries during the weekend.

New this year, a number of special art performances will take place throughout the weekend - Art Fusion will feature 5 artists collaborating simultaneously on one drawing allowing the audience to witness creative evolution. The artists include local gallery owner, Jane Motyka; Claudio Ghirardo, Dominic Simone, Rosanna Pizzo and Zara Diniz.

Visitors will also be entertained throughout the weekend by the sounds of Giovanni Ruiz and the Soul of the Andes featuring beautiful Latin music.

The Port Credit Outdoor Art Show is a non-profit, juried show that was created to bring art to everyday people in an informal and fun atmosphere at a beautiful location. The Credit Village Marina is located at 12 Stavebank St. South on the southeast bank of the Credit River. The show hours are Friday, 4pm to 9pm, Saturday 11am to 8pm and Sunday noon to 5pm.

For more information about this event contact The Port Credit Business Association at 905.278.7742 or www.portcredit.com

Emily B said...

Hey, glad you liked my paintings :)

Karen said...


Your work is gorgeous! And you are so much more than waves, lovely as they are.

I can see a group of 5 in my living room one day . . .

Karen said...


I had hoped to go walkabout at the marina last night, but plead being too tired and the drizzle-y rain.

But rain or shine, will head to marina today and have a look around Port Credit.

Karen said...

Port Credit Outdoor Art Show pics on blog post today!

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