Saturday, July 11, 2009

Port Credit Storm Damage - Wild Winds, Heavy Rains, Trees Down

An early morning thunderstorm in Port Credit with wild winds and heavy rains brought down at least one large tree and large branches from many others in the Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens and the complex of condo townhouses at Shawnmarr and Lakeshore Roads.

With winds gusting to 80 kph / 50 mph (est.) this morning, I'm surprised there wasn't more damage. Here are some pictures taken following the storm that show some of the damage.

Shawnmarr Road at Lakeshore - Branch Blocks Sidewalk

Looking west on Lakeshore at Shawnmarr, you can see the large branch blocking the sidewalk near the Mississauga Transit bus stop. (The white flecks seen on the grass are beautiful blossoms from another large tree on the townhouse grounds: I need the name of this tree - the blossoms are orchid-like and wonderfully scented.)

Large Branch BRG Path

I crossed Lakeshore Road, and on the south side of the new lily garden at BRG, several large branches partly block the path. An earlier storm in April, took down a large willow tree on the east side of the gardens.

Tree Down by Gardens Office

High winds took down this large tree located between the Waterfront Trail and the BRG parking lot off Lakeshore. This tree had appeared healthy, but a closer look at the inside of the trunk shows how rotted it actually was. As it fell, it appears to have missed doing collateral damage to the red bud trees and a perennial garden.

Fallen Tree at BRG

This is the same tree as in the above picture, showing its canopy lying just short of the perennial bed. Paths throughout the area are strewn with smaller branches and twigs; walking is fine, but wheels will have a tricky time dodging the debris.

Tree Branch on South Bridge BRG / Waterfront Trail

The south bridge on the Waterfront Trail now has a large branch at one end; it's not blocking the trail, but was too heavy for me to shift without help.

Creek Mouth Forges New Outlet into Lake Ontario

This is the creek that acts as a storm drain as it flows alongside the Waterfront Trail and empties into Lake Ontario. The beach here is composed mainly of rocks of varying sizes. The heavy rains this morning must have swollen this creek to a truly impressive size, as the force of the current washed out the beach rocks as it made a new path to the lake.

The storm passed, the humidity is dropping and the clean up begins!

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Jo-Anne said...

Karen ... that storm was really wild. The sky was SO dark, the lights around Lake A. came on as if it was nighttime. Absolutely pouring rain, non stop lightning and thunder. The thunder cracks were SO loud and actually hurt my ears for awhile afterwards. My tabby cat was terrified and was hiding for quite awhile yesterday. It wouldn't have surprised me if a tornado had formed from yesterday's violent thunderstorm. Fascinating to watch but definitely don't want to be caught anywhere outdoors in it!

Karen said...

Hi Joanne

Did you see the coverage on tv of the power poles down on Cawthra?

What a mess! We were pretty lucky here on the Lake. Our outdoor automatic lights came on, too. But the thunder not too loud, so I guess the storm passed to the east of us.

And the hail in Hamilton!

Have you had a chance to look around the lake yet today and see how the park fared? I'd like to go to Rattray to see how those trees weathered the storm.

Jo-Anne said...

Hi Karen. Sorry for delay in replying, life crazy busy lately!

I saw the footage on Ch. 23 re: Cawthra. They got hit hard!

Lake A. is ok but I was at Riverwood Park and Erindale Park on Wednesday night and there were quite a few trees down.

Karen said...

Hi Jo-Anne

I hadn't heard about Erindale Park - so will try and get up there to have a look.

Cawthra is open again, though they still are working on repairing the damage.

Such a cold Saturday - not conducive to strolls in the park.

There's an artists walk/exhibit on in Port Credit today so I think I will take that in (details comments on Art Show blog post).

As long as no more bad storms, I am happy. Haven't even chekced the BRG beds all week - mea culpa

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