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Canada Day Party Fireworks in Port Credit Memorial Park Mississauga Ontario

Update March 2010: Click on image to enlarge
Fundraiser for 2010 Fireworks in Port Credit: If you enjoy this annual event, then here's your chance to take part!

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Here are some pictures I took today -- Canada Day -- at Port Credit Memorial Park in Mississauga, Ontario. Though rain clouds threaten to dampen the celebrations, we're all hoping that the rains hold off until after the fireworks tonight!

Memorial Park Port Credit

The main celebrations take place in and around Memorial Park, on the north side of Lakeshore Road East -- not east of Hurontario, the usual dividing line in Mississauga, but east of the Credit River.

Memorial Park entrance off Lakeshore Road East

As you can see on the sign, you cannot bring in your own fireworks or alcohol, for that matter. Another vantage point would be across the Credit River, on the west bank.

Small Crowd at Mississauga Memorial Park on Canada Day

Perhaps it's the weather, perhaps the economy, perhaps it's the Wednesday neither-fish-nor-fowl day, but the crowd seemed to me to be a lot smaller than last year, when it was hot and sunny and everyone was in a party mood.
Sea of Canada Day Red

A few visitors waved Canada Day flags, and more than usual, people wore red and white. Nice to see some cheery colors in an increasingly cloudy afternoon. Tents for vendors to set out their wares line the north walkway, towards the railway tracks.

Though I cannot be certain, I believe that there are fewer vendors and tents participating this year. Thank heavens for those who DID come out to mark the day. It would have been pretty bleak without them!

Port Credit Marina Docks Credit River

Take the walkway under the bridge at Lakeshore Road, past the painted murals, and come out on the Snug Harbour side, where the roses are blooming and the boats are tempting! The sign (top right) is a map of the Waterfront Trail, which passes along this walkway.

Port Credit Lighthouse Gets Facelift

The Port Credit lighthouse (replica) is a favourite vantage point to see over the park, and to take pictures of the waterfront area, but this year, it's not open while it's under renovation. Screen fencing runs all around it, and closes off access to the public washrooms on the ground level. I heard that the repairs are going to take some weeks yet, but I hope it is open again by Labour Day. I may be optimistiic.

Paint the Town Red Canada Day Program Port Credit

Here's the program for Paint the Town Red, the Port Credit Canada Day celebrations. You'll see the day ends with fireworks!! (Click on the image above for a larger view, then hit back button to return to this page.)

Unless it's pouring torrents around 9 p.m. tonight, I plan to head into town with golf umbrella and ground sheet, and find a good spot to mark the end of Canada's 142 birthday. Hope to see you there!

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