Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lake Ontario Shoreline at Mississauga

A few evenings ago, I went for a walk along the Waterfront Trail where it passes Rhododendron Park, near where I live, in the Port Credit area of Mississauga. Swans and geese were a'swimming, and the waves were rolling in, making an audible splash when they hit the shore.

An unpleasant odor permeated the area, so I looked up from the viewfinder and glanced down near my feet.This is what I saw:

Lake Ontario algae Mississauga
The waves were rolling a thick green sludge onto the shore; the clever birds were bobbing on the waves about 10 feet out, well out of reach of this sludge.

I hate to think this is raw sewage, come directly into the lake. Perhaps it's the result of some algae bloom affected by the recent hot spell. In any event, it's really gross, and unsettling, and a darn shame.

I've sent the photo to those who might be able to identify this mess, which really detracts from the clean, outdoor-sports image Port Credit works so hard to cultivate.

Update on algae:
See comments below, plus another summer has brought the same algae phenom -- still not pleasant but apparently normal. See more Lake Ontario shoreline pictures at this post and by searching labels.


Nancy said...

The Port Credit Ratepayers' Association posted an article stating that this was algae fed by the excretions of the non-native zebra mussel, and from sewage dumped from rainwater runoff (since this is apparently not treated in Canada.) I've seen the same green gunk on the Rochester side of the lake. The algae are native, harmless, but smelly. And they obviously are thriving.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nancy!

Nice to finally know what it is. Will watch out for it next year.

Did you see the piles of shells along the shore?

Here's a picture at
posted on Dec 04, 2007

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