Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Interested in Living Abroad? Caveat . . .

When you are doing some online research, there's a site to watch out for :: Inter Nation al Liv ing. I came across this site when looking for information about real estate and long stay options for Uruguay.

I fell in love with the Punta del Este (photo, below) and Montevideo areas when I was there, and was seriously contemplating a long stay return.

So, naively, perhaps, I signed up for updates, thinking I could always cancel.


When 'helpful email notices' began arriving several times a day, for destinations far from my wonderful Uruguay, I clicked to cancel my subscription.

Didn't do a blind bit of good. Reminds me of the Cl ass mates site -- and to get rid of them, I had to close my ISP and get a new email. Same thing with this place.

So if you are interested in getting several emails each and every day from this site, then by all means, sign up. Otherwise, give it a miss. Wish I had.

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