Monday, April 30, 2007

Hong Kong Wetlands Eco Tours Officially Launched

With my world narrowed down to building supply stores and paint swatches, it was with some delight that I received a notice today that reminded me that a wider world does still exist!

Best of all, this notice was about my favourite city (Hong Kong!!) and better still, it's about one area I have yet to explore -- the Wetlands. After a 6 month trial period, the Hong Kong Nature Kaleidoscope Program has been expanded, with a variety of tours offered daily, some of them free.

Have a look at the official site for
Wetlands Park (a new page will open on the official wetlands site) to see the range of places to explore. The map shows two locations for tours on Lantau Island, including Tai O village (photo).

You can have a look at my Hong Kong photos at or use the search box at the bottom to find more Hong Kong travel info on the blog.

Demo on my new home starts early tomorrow morning, so if you'll excuse me, I must go round up the painting supplies. that wallpaper won't strip itself!

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