Friday, November 03, 2006

Cheap Alternative to Battery-powered Organizers?

(Current information for allowable carry ons)
For those of you not traveling, here's a snippet of Friday levity. Its only relevance to travel is the fact that I live in Canada, and the snippet in question appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald Column 8, one of the main papers in Australia, and unless you live in either, you'd have to travel to get there.

"We thought we'd buried the subject, but this is too silly to ignore.

"On the subject of useful home hints, here's a tip for those who prefer an old-fashioned address book to an expensive, battery-powered palm organiser," offers Doug Anderson, who appears in this newspaper from time to time giving surreal couch-oriented lifestyle advice. "Take a copy of the White Pages, cross out all the names of people you don't know and, hey presto! Instant directory. Cost: nil."

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