Friday, October 13, 2006

Travel Web Sites

With a way-too-early winter storm blowing through Mississauga, Ontario and dumping a pile of snow on Buffalo and Niagara Falls last night and today, I hunkered down at my computer and did some editing on my travel sites.

I added more photos to Snapshot Diaries Haiti page, and redid the home page on Snapshot Now I am happier with both of them. While I was at it, I added a new page for my story on Chile Wine country.

Then I got a dozen or so photos of Haiti art for Starthrower Foundation, the charity web site I volunteer for, but I couldn't get the page to work the way I wanted it to, and my tech support in
Australia is AWOL this Saturday morning (her time).

Just as well I can't do any more web work till she 'shows up', as my body is screaming, "Get away from the computer NOW!"

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