Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Summer Soon Down Under :: Stowing the Doonas and Taking Out The Cozzies

And here in Canada, we are doing the opposite! Hauling out those doonas (Australia-speak for duvets) and storing our cozzies (Aussie for bathing suits) until next July. Well, unless we Canucks can get away for a warm week on the beach in someplace warm, like the Dominican Republic, say, or Thailand. Portugal's Algarve and Gibraltar will warm up in February, most years. Argentina would be good, too, at least the coast up near Buenos Aires. Still a little cool for bathing in Ushuaia, but the waters never warm up all that much. The Pacific Ocean at Vina Del Mar, Chile, is usually cool all year, too, but the beaches are lovely. And of course, there's wonderful Australia. It's stinger season in Queensland now until May, but further south? Well, you'll be all right, Mate!


cartoonmoment said...

Your comments on Queensland stingers carry good advice for intending tourists. But you can still swim up North where there are netted enclosures during stinger season. Congrats on a well written blog.

Karen said...

Thanks for the compliment! Have a look at for my photos of stinger enclosures. I also wrote a story about my trip to FNQ (Far North Queensland) about the marine stinger season.

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