Monday, August 21, 2006

Airline Carry-On Allowable Items

Update January 5 2010
See Air Canada new rules if flying to USA.
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 Since security guidelines as to which items are allowed as carry-on in hand baggage vary according to airline, airport, country etc. and change daily, it's impossible to post a comprehensible list.

Generally, prescription medications and many OTC (over the counter) drugs are allowed, as are cell phones, laptops and cameras, which are hand checked by security.

To be sure you have the most current information according to your carrier and itinerary, check with your airline etc the day before travel, and pack gels and lotions inside a plastic zip bag in your checked luggage.

I've posted my general travel packing tips at Snapshot Journeys What-to-Pack.


Note :: See also More on Allowable Carry-ons (Sept 25/06)

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