Thursday, July 20, 2006

'Traveling' to Chile today and tomorrow

One last story to finish for the magazine, so I shall be immersed in central Chile all day, and likely for the next day or so as well. (Freelancers have to be sticklers for submitting copy that's error-free, with perfect grammar and punctuation and that, my friends, is what takes the most time.)

Then tonight I will pull together the photos of Santiago (Chile) and Valparaiso (some of which are on the web site) as well as the unpublished ones from the Casablanca Valley with its vineyards and wineries, which the editor particularly wants to feature.

Though I love working from home, the 'boss' is a bit of a whip-cracker. I can hardly wait to finish this last story so I can get out and enjoy the fabulous summer weather. Hard to believe July is mostly over!

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