Sunday, April 16, 2006

All Packed and No Place To Go

Twenty-four hours from now, my flight should be fully boarded and waiting for take-off at Toronto's Pearson Airport. I am ready to go NOW.

With the 'forced' holiday days and store closings of the Easter long weekend, I used the time to get packed. Now I am ready to go, with a full day ahead of me and nothing planned. This is *almost* worse than being rushed and frazzled and stuffing things into bags as you leave for the airport, and panicking over things possibly forgotten. Now I have all day to second guess myself.

I think I will go garden and enjoy the day.

I will try to update from the 'road' in Hong Kong and Kota Kinabalu, but I will be on the move a lot, with very full days in Hong Kong. And though this trip is part work, it's also part holiday, so I may as well enjoy the freedom from the iBook for a few weeks. I will be back at it soon enough.

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